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    Rolling 3 Month calculation

    Simon Bowers

      I new to Qlik Sense and Coding.  I figured out the basis but I'm stuck on a rolling 3 month calculation.

      I want to show on a line graph with Month as the dimension the average experience based on rolling 3 month period split by area.

      The month dimension has been created with a master calendar


      The various threads I've read keeping taking me back to functionality to do this in Qlik View, which I do not have access to. 

      I can't share the raw data due to confidentiality. In my data is a column for the experience score, the date of experience and area of experience.


      Looking through various threads I thought an As of Month calendar would help but none of the threads I reviewed so far explain how to create these in terms as a complete beginner I understand.


      Can anyone help?