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    Qliksense server change color coding using expression

    Nikita Puniani

      Hello Qliksense experts,


      I am new to qliksense server and need some help on a scenario I am working on.

      I am doing a bar chart comparison of sum(cost) on a dimension using set analysis.

      Now I need to change the color scheme to blue and light grey.

      Here is what I am trying to do but results are not working. Also please note that this is qliksenser server and the version is as of Sep 2017


      I have created two measures



      To change the color scheme I am applying the following expression that is not working

      if(RuleType='Existing', lightgray(),blue())

      Also tried if(RuleType='Existing', lightgrey(),if(RuleType='New',blue(),red()))


      Can someone help me get the bar chart color to lightgrey for measure1 and blue for measure2 ?