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    QlikSense section access- User \ ADMIN

    tomer biran



      I am new at qliksense and i am trying to do section access for my users

      (Data Reduction) and getting  "no access" error .


      I did the follow steps in order to setup my users and section access.


      1.creating a stream and an app .

      2. importing my user by UDC active directory .( i will explain why i didnt assigned admin role for the user  later on )

      3. allocating my user .

      4. creating a security rule for only reading for app and stream .( in the preview  all the users got R ( reading ))

      So far so good

      the user was able to access the app the stream and changes made didn't  affect the report .


      Then i configured the Data reduction

      The problem occurs when writing the word "USER" on Section Access in the code if i change it to ADMIN it's working

      however i dont want the user to be an ADMIN ,


      I didnt assigned ADMIN role for the user  so why  USER doesnt work  ?

      is user role on "users"  is mandatory ?

      what is the difference in section access between USER and Admin ?

      (i only need the user to be able to accsess  read the app with reduced data )  .

      This is my section access


      section access;

      LOAD * INLINE [







      Thanks in advance


      Tomer Biran