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    I want to make something that will show project variance

      I have been given a QV project from a potential employer and they want me to do the following:



      In QlikView, create a visualization showing schedule variance and budget variance trends over time. This

      should be shown for the entire portfolio of projects as well as for each project manager and any other

      grouping that you think would be helpful to the management team.


      Notes about the data:

      • Schedule variance is listed in the MoveInStatusDays field.

      • Budget variance is listed in the CostBudgetVariance field.

      • The project manager assigned to a project is listed in the CurrentPM field.


      Optional features/functionality:

      • Add a control to the time axis allowing the user to show this information by day, week or month.


      So far I have bought the data into QV and selected the above fields into list boxes. I really need any help I can get as I'm new to QV as of a few hours ago!! Thank you.

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          Deepak Vadithala

          Mate - Welcome to QV world and Good luck with your new job prospects.


          We can help you to answer the questions but the best for you to do is start looking at sample QV documents and take some ideas. I am sure if you look at all the demo applications, you will have clear idea on what you wanted to do.


          Also if you need help from the forum... best thing is to post some sample data. This makes it easy for fellow users to demostrate an example with your data.


          I had read your requirement and my first thought is that everthing is possible including the optional feature. However, I would strongly recommend you to check the demo application and also look at the QV documentation for syntax & expression help!


          Cheers - DV

            • I want to make something that will show project variance


              I'm trying to divide a field called snapshotdate into day, week and month. I  used the following syntax:

              ... SnapshotDate,
                  Day ([SnapshotDate]) as Day,
                  Week([SnapshotDate]) as Week,
                  Month ([SnapshotDate]) as Month,

              But I'm getting the following error when I try and load the data:

              ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, ErrorMsg: 'Week' is not a recognized built-in function name.

              Anyone have an ideas? Thanks