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    How to create date filed from monthyear field and create the rolling 12 momths in line chart?

    daisy ch



      I have fields like  monthyear  and periodmonth.


      data like             APR-2016            APR

                                APR-2017            AUG

                                APR-2018             DEC

                            AUG-2016               FEB

                                DEC-2016          JAN

                             DEC-2017             JUL

                            FEB-2017              JUN

                           JUL-2016               JUNE

                              JUL-2017            MAR

                             MAR-2016           MAY

                              MAR-2017          NOV

                            NOV-2007           OCT

                           NOV-2018              SEP




      my requirement is creating line chart  with rolling 12 months sales  .and using above two files how to create the date field.

      please share the expression for rolling 12 months and date creation.