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    Writeback in qliksense

    Neha Srivastava

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement where i need to update the qliksense table from front end and save the data in qliksense report only. I dont want to write back in data base, just I need to store it in qliksense report.

      Is it possible?




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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          The requirement is confusing...

          Of course you can create/update the front end if you have the data in back end

          Once the user export the report he will have that data

          Both can be done in default manner.

          Not sure what you are asking for?

          Do you have a sample/screenshots etc to share

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              Neha Srivastava

              So my requirement is something  example

              I have one customer with some address say for example USA. Now the person has moved from USA to France. This address needs to be updated from the qlik report.

              The admin will basically update the new address from qlik report.

              Also now in the report the address of customer should reflect as France

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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  I think it should automatically update the region name if you have that field/table in your script...


                  You have a script/table reading from a data base...

                  User location gets updated from USA to France in DB...

                  Now Qlik will refresh & read from that table, replace the USA to France automatically

                  It can also be in any XL file but condition here is the region name has been updated in DB or XL or etc so that Qlik can bring in updated value in UI.

                  Unless you saying, region should be updated in Qlik but not in DB then it will not work (it may work if you use use apply map or inline table) but I do not think this is what you are asking for..

                  To see any changes in Qlik, the data has to be updated from the source

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                Rob Wunderlich

                No, you cannot update the Qlik Sense data model directly. You must execute script to modify the data.