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    Dynamically calculate variable with measure in table where dimension is dynamically defined as date difference

    Michal Durica

      Hi Qlik Sense experts :-)


      I have one date column in data and one variable where user can define the second date.


      Source table is like

      ID, AR_Due_Date, AR_Amount

      1, 2017-12-31, 10

      2, 2017-11-22, 20



      And variable is user defined in dashboard $(vAsOfDateAR)



      Those 2 columns use to calculate dimension date difference <1 to calculate date ranges


      =if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <1, 'not overdue',

                 if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <31,'1 - 30',

                        if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <91,'31 - 90',


      This works correctly in table as well as graph. I calculate table with sum(Amount) as measure.


      But the task is following. The user would like to add addtional parameters (defined in dashboard as variables (eg vAR1-vAR6) where

      each variable represents one segment defined in previous dimension.

      The final result should be table where Measure (AR_Amount_in_CZK) is multiplied with those variables depending to which segment it belongs.

      This logic doesn't work.

      =if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <1,$(vAR1)*sum(AR_Amount_in_CZK),

            if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <31,$(vAR2)*sum(AR_Amount_in_CZK),

               if((Date($(=num(Date#(vAsOfDateAR,'DD/MM/YYYY'))))-[AR_Due_Date]) <91,$(vAR3)*sum(AR_Amount_in_CZK)))

      I attach printscreen where it is more visible

      Problem is I am unable to match correct variable to correct segment to calculate final result.

      Could you please help how should I change it to work?