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    which map extenssion better for 3 measure?

    chaitanya krishna


      I have location and amount field.


      location                   amout

      india1                           100

      china                           120

      .                                     .



      Hong kong                  300


      I need to create map object with 3 expressions like sum(amount),min(amount) and max(amount).


      which map object is better for this 3 exp showing on location wise in map object.h




        • Re: which map extenssion better for 3 measure?
          Ali Ahmad



          That depends how you want to show it, but notice you have to different "levels" in your dimension here.


          Hong Kong is a city in China, and is that how you want it?


          You could think about maybe area layer visualisation on Country level and then a Point Area visualisation on top with the cities.


          Then you need two columns for this. One is country and another one is city.


          Tried to illustrate with a picture below:






          Ali A