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    Opening a Sheet based on the click of a selected chart in an other Sheet



           I have a couple of Questions over here.


           The first one is I need to open a sheet based on the click of a bar in some other chart.Please let me know how to acheive this?


            The second one is: Suppose we have some data in a table 

              Column A    Column B       Column C

                 A                  1                   @

                 A                   2                   %

                 A                    3                  (

                 B                   4                    *

                 C                   5                     &


              Now  A is present three times,but I have to show it only one single time. Something like


                A              1         @

                                 2         %

                                 3          (


              I have no Expressions here.


              Please let me know the way forward.



         Navin Gorapalli