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    QVPE highlighting does not work

      Hi, this is my first post, apologies that it's a newbie question.


      I downloaded QVPE and the tutorial, and once I'd got the issue of the tutorial not being openable due to the key limitation, and found the OTHER tutorial files by browsing through the forums, I've started working through it. There seem to be some pretty basic issues straight away. For example - the tutorial starts you off by clicking selections in some pre-prepared sheets, and describes some behaviour that just does not happen. The tutorial says:



      2 Select the value Albania in the list box Country.


      The cell of the selected value turns green and you immediately see all the values of

      all other fields that are compatible with the selection (white). You see that the fictive

      company has one customer in Albania, Moe’s Laundromat, and that John Lemon is

      responsible for the sales.



      Except that on my screen, Albania is not highlighted in the Country drop-down, neither is Moe's Laundromat, neither is John Lemon (I assume they are meant to be, otherwise how am I meant to know they are "relevant"?).


      Here's a screenshot:



      You can see the "Current selections" box says Albania is the current selection, but that's the only clue. Is this known behaviour? Is there a fix?


      Windows XP SP3 on a Dell Latitude D630


      QVPE version 10.00.8935.7 SR2


      Many thanks



        • QVPE highlighting does not work

          OK found the answer here: http://community.qlik.com/message/88068#88068 thanks to the "More like this" box


          Shame even the tutorial is so hard to get working - doesn't bode well for the rest of the product. I managed to get a basic report on some database data (with some help from the forum posts again) the other day. This morning when I opened it again I got "No data to display". Took me half an hour or so to find the "reload" option in the file menu. Is it normal to have to go and click that every time you open a file?