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    Qlik mashup & Python integration

    Khushi Shah

      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to build analytics using qlik mashup and next to qlik charts/analytics I want to build appropriate Narratives in English providing insight about the chart. I was able to build Qlik mashup in ASP.net MVC application, however I am facing difficulties in building narratives.  Outside of Qlik (using PyCharm IDE ) I was able to build narratives using Inflect which is python library. Now I am looking into how can I use this python library in conjunction with Qlik mashup in ASP.net MVC application to build narratives i.e. as soon as I change filters on my Qlik chart the narrative should be built accordingly. My Challenges are

      • How can I pass selected filters in qlik mashup to python script?
      • Once I get the selected filter in python, how can I generate narrative by interacting with the data that is present in Qlik. In order to generate narrative I need to interact with the data present in the Qlik as I need to compute some statistics like average sales is 50%  more than last year, 80% of sales is obtained from 10 departments...etc.
      • If there is any alternative to Python that would help in building narrative please do suggest. Although there are some commercial(Narrative Science …etc)  solutions I am looking for open source solution/library.