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    Changing color of each stack for measure in which set analysis was used

    Mallika Mhapankar

      Hi all,

      I have a stacked Bar Chart for my data across regions like this



      I want to be able to change the color of the 'data inadequacies' stack to Red and ' No data inadequacies' stack to green.

      I have made the data inaedquacies measure using the formula -

      Count({$<[District missing] = {"District missing)"}>


      + <[PostalCode missing]={'PostalCode missing'}>

      + <[State missing]={'State missing'}>

      + <[Country missing]={'Country missing'}>

      + <[MapPoint missing]={'MapPoint missing'}>



      in Fx function under measure

      and similarly for data adequacies as well.


      How do I change the color of each stack then?

      pick(match(Region,'Data Inadequacies','No data inadequacies'),red(),Green()) didnt work it just turned grey


      Any help is appreciated!