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    Ranking - need help

    Zaheer Latib

      Good Day

      Please assist or give me ideas on how to do this

      Have been using some statements, but just not coming right






      I need to first select the Top 40 customers ranked on their Sales, that shopped in a particular Group, let’s say I want to select for Juice


      Than from these top 40 customers ranked on their sales, I then need to show their sales for every Category, but only in 1 Division, lets call the Division Food


      So I am using this below, but am just not coming right, not sure if I am putting it in the dimension and not measure or the other way around






      Have tried the below expressions


      Please help and must the expressions be in the dimension or the measure


      sum({$<Customer= P({<Group={'Juice'}>}Customer), FiscalYear = {$(vMaxYear)}, FiscYMD = {"<=$(=(vMaxFYMD))"}>} Sales)




      sum({$<Customer= {"=rank(sum(Sales), 4)<= 40"}>} Sales) > 0,  Customer), Customer, null()))








      Thank you so much