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    How to connect to my qlik sense environment using Qlik for developers to find out the object id

    chandana gowdar

      Hi experts ,


      i tried downloading qlik for developers and have been trying out options in that.


      as my requirement is to find out the chart's or each component's object id and them use them in an application.


      i want to know to how to connect to my qliksense environment where my actual dashboards are developed so that i can obtain the object id.


      in qlik fro developers sceen i can only see that we can connect to https://playground.qlik.com and then in the menu bar when expanded the dashboards present in there will be visible ..


      similarly i am trying to connect to my qliksense environment where i can find my dashboards developed.


      is this possible ?


      or is there any other way to deal this ?


      guidance on this is needed on highest priority.


      please help