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    Relative Problem in a stacked bar chart

      Hi guys,


      I have a bar that has 2 dimensions. One for the month of the year and the other dimension to show a location.


      My aim is to show values for each area relative to each other on a monthly basis.




      I have one simple expression which is Sum(value)


      Jun 2010 - I want a stacked bar chart that will show all the values relative to each other i.e 40%, 20%, 40%

      Jul 2010 - I want another stacked bar showing values relative to each other i.e 35%, 30%, 30% and so on for other months.


      I have the relative box ticked, but it calculating the value for every month reltaive to each other as opposed to calculating each individual month relatively.


      Is there a way to get around doing this and getting the relative thing to work as expected?


      Thank you