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    Count expression with an OR funktion?

    Whiteside Kleinbreuer

      Hello Everyone,


      This one really give me a headache.


      I am trying to count actually IDs that have either "Attribute 1" X or y  OR "Attribute 2" X or y.


      My current Syntax is this:

      count({<[Attribute 1]={'X','y'},[Attribute 2] ={'X','y'}>} distinct ([ IDs ]))


      and the Number that shown up is 743 (13+730).

      I gues this makes sense from the Syntax.


      But How am i suppose to rewrite it so i get 1280 (13 + 730 + 537) without mentioniong B in my syntax? I just want "Attribute 1" X or y  OR "Attribute 2" X or y.


      best regards