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    Exclude Filter from Affecting Chart when filter dimension is an expression

    Manikantan S

      Hi All,


      In my date filter field, i am displaying only the latest closed month (Idea is to toggle between full year view and recent month view).


      i am using an expression as follows:


      =if(Month(Closeddate) = vMaxMonth and Year(Closeddate) = vMaxYear, vMaxMonth)


      I have created variables vMaxMonth & vMaxYear in the load script to get the month and year of the maximum closed date.


      Now, my requirement is that i dont want this filter to affect one chart alone. Hence i give the expression as:


      Count ({<Closeddate =>} [Application ID])


      But this does not work. If i had displayed all closed dates in the filter instead of the expression i have used, the above works.

      Is this a property of Qlik or do i need to use a different expression in place of the above to ensure that the filter is not considered?


      Yours Truly,