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    Expression doesn't work after adding data

    Kenneth Andersen

      I have this expression


      Sum({ <Uniq_ID=,q16udland-={"Udlandet"}>}Aggr(Only([weight]), Uniq_ID))


      Sum({ <q16udland-={"Udlandet"},Kommune={*}>} [weight])

      which gives me this this chart (how many percent of the selected "Kommune" )





      So far so good.


      But when I add this small data sample the expression doesn't work anymore (gives me 100%):





                                 [Kommune Size]

      FROM [lib://DK-stat/Befolkning.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is BefolkningKommune);


      New data is just telling me the size of every "Kommune" (Community) in Denmark per Period.



      The question is: How do I change my expression in order to work even if I add the new data? Changing the fieldnames is not an option.