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    p() as dimension

    Глеб Аитов



      I have:



      I want to count numbers of SOLD orders which were CREATED in a period:


      {< Order= P({<status={'sold'}>})* P({<status={'created'}>}), status={'sold'} >}

      DISTINCT Order



      My period is august 2018 and the formula returns 1 (Order '300'), which is correct.


      Is there a way I can define a flagCreated,

      - when selected, the formula remains the same

      - when deselected, the formula ignores P() function and returns 2 (Order 100 and order 300)?


      The only wat I managed it by creating text variable, which returns P() when selected and returns nothing when deselected, so i subsequently put this varianle into the formula above, but is there a more elegant way?


      Thank you