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    Color Coding Individual Cells in Pivot Table

    Neeloy Chakraborty

      Hi everyone!

      I am currently working on creating a pivot table that has cells that are color coded by measure from max to min.

      Below is an example of what it would look like in excel:

      Color Coding Excel Example.PNG

      I was already able to sort the rows from max to min by sum of the entire row.

      Any recommendations for color expressions for the pivot table would be highly appreciated!



      I am working in QlikSense.

      I found the following tutorial for something similar, but in QlikView: Tile Grid Maps – Qlik Freak

      The problem I believe is how I am loading the data in differently from the tutorial.

      Here is another source I looked into, but it colors based on each row or column independently, not based on the entire table: Color a Pivot Table