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    Custom DatePicker extension for selected dates

    Basavaraj Bhavi

      Hi Team,

      Good evening,


      I have a requirement that needs a date-picker with search for selected dates( dates are not consecutive).


      Now i am using the SenseDateRangePicker which is not serving my purpose.

      By default this extension implements the following search criteria (which searches the records between start date and end date)

      self.backendApi.search(">=" + start.format(DateFormat) + "<=" + end.format(DateFormat))


           function  {




      As per my requirement I want to extend/modify this search criteria to support searching of records only for the selected dates which are not contiguous.

      For e.g. I want to search records only for the dates of 10th, 15th and 20th of the current month.

      So is there any way to implement a search expression which takes only the array of selected dates?


      Could you help us with:

      1. DatePicker  Extension and any Expression change in the SenseDateRangePicker .

      2. Is there any BackEndApi to be used for this purpose.