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    Trying to create a chart in QV - help!

      I have created tried to create chart in QV to show budget and schedule variance over time. Also, I've tried to add a control to this time to show the information by day, week and month.  I also have to show the variance by time with a specific project manager - I haven't done this yet, but I'm assuming I'll have to put it on another sheet?

      But with regards to the below chart - have I done the task I set out to do or show? I think I have, but it's my first day on QV and I have no idea! Any help would be so much appreciated.Thank you!


      Also, to show the variance for each project as of today can I do it on this or create another chart/sheet for that? I have attached the details of the task. Thanks.



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          John Witherspoon

          Looks pretty good so far.


          "Add a control to the time axis allowing the user to show this information by day, week or month."


          This sounds like a request for something that I typically add to charts like this - a cyclic group as the dimension.  Do this:


          settings -> document properties -> groups -> new -> Group Name = Period -> checkmark Cyclic Group -> add Month, Week and Day -> OK -> OK


          Now in your chart, remove the Month dimension and add the Period dimension.  The default view will be by month, but by clicking on the little circular arrow, you can cycle between the Month, Week and Day.