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    Field Information - Subset ratio

    Jonathan Aighobahi

      Hello everyone,

      I am completely new to QlikView and I am reading the book titled QlikView 11 for Developers. On page 106 of this book, I came upon a definition of Subset ratio which goes as follows:

      Subset ratio, which shows the percentage of all distinct values for a field in

      the table compared to all the distinct values for that field in the entire data

      model. It is only relevant for key fields since they are present in multiple

      tables and do not all share the same value. Subset ratios can be used to easily

      spot problems in key field associations. For example, when the combined

      total of subset ratios for multiple tables is 100 percent, this may indicate that

      there are no matching keys between these tables.

      Please, I need someone to break the above definition down for me.  I do not understand it very well.