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    Joining Columns that Aren't Exactly the Same

    Artem Potsuray

      Hello, I have two data sources that I want to join. One of the sources comes from a oracle database and has a column named GAGE which contains Gage numbers that are of various lengths. The second data source is an excel file that has a column named GAUGE PREFIX which contains the prefix (first 4-5 letters of a Gage number).


      For example from data source 1 I have:








      And from data source 2 I have:

      GAUGE PREFIX          TYPE

      CS123                          Electrical

      CS124                          Pressure



      I want to combine the sources to get a result like:

      GAGE                 TYPE

      CS123-100         Electrical

      CS123-200         Electrical

      CS124-100         Pressure

      CS124-200         Pressure



      Anything will help. Thank You