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    QV 10 Access Point - slow

      We have installed QV10 SR2 server in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.  We are using the QVWS, not IIS.  Client PCs are running Windows XP and IE 8. 


      We have noticed when using IE that it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute for Access Point to list the qvw documents.  And we get this response time each time we try to open Access Point via IE, so IE does not appear to be caching the page at all. 


      In our previous server configuration (version 8.5, Windows Server 2003), our Access Point equivalent (plugin_alldocs.htm) displayed the same list of documents in less than 5 seconds.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Were you able to improve the performance?

        • QV 10 Access Point - slow
          Erich Shiino

          I'd say QV 10 compared to QV 8.5 would be slower..

          At QV 10 you have thumbnails of the qvws and the server may check session access to show files or not...


          You mentioned IE a couple of times... did you try to use other browsers?

          What is the performance if you try to access the server using QV Desktop?


          Are you using regular NTFS authentication?

          Did you try to open the access point and then changing the visualization to details?

            • QV 10 Access Point - slow

              A colleague of mine tried using the ajax client on an iPad and it was much faster.


              When using the "Open in Server" function in the QV Desktop, the list of folders appears in 2 seconds.


              We are using NTFS authentication.


              And, yes, I changed my view to Details a few months ago, and it still takes 30 seconds to a minute to display the list of documents each time I open Access Point in IE.