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    count how many rows above current row totals in 3000$



      let me try to explain....

      I have a table with few dimensions and one expression

      I need for each raw to add a new field which  will count how many rows ABOVE each raw makes up a certain amount


      for example:

      if I have a table with sales per day, I want to know how many days totals in 3000 (E.G.)



      its kinda like doing a rolling sum based on count just the opposite, meaning doing a rolling count based on sum

      the reason i need the number of rows is because then i can use this number of rows to calculate a rolling avg on another expression in the table



      I don't mind if it is done in the script. i prefer some more dynamic way of doing this but any idea will work



      the best iv come up with until now is reading one raw at a time in the script and loop on the previous rows till i get the sum the count the number of loops

      i can also do it in a macro

      but i thought maybe some of you can start a new idea , one that is more QVway


      any ideas?




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