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    Using inputsum to calc budget, why is the total budget on pivot table incorrect

      I'm using a Pivot Table to generate a budget based on last year’s sales. The user enters a growth % (input field) for each product (each row), the budget column is growth  % to last years sales.

      Works ok, except the total of the budget column is incorrect.


      7,920 * 1.1                  = 8,712        ok      

      11,565 * 1.2                = 13,878       ok

      Actual Total                = 22,590

      Per Table Sum:          23,382         Incorrect



      Growth %


      Actual LY

      Sum ({$<DataType={'MP_Sales','CG_Sales'},FinYear = {$(vFinYear_LY)}>}$Sales)


      Sum ({$<DataType={'MP_Sales','CG_Sales'},FinYear = {$(vFinYear_LY)}>}$Sales)* (1+Max ({$<xFinYear = {$(vFinYear)}>}GrowthPC)/100)