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    Compare two different Excel files

    Wilmar Bernal Herrera

      Hi Everyone



      I´m new in this Qlik view world, and i want to learn a lot



      Someone can help me with the next question?




      From my daily Job I recieve an Excel file that contains a lot of information, there is column call "Customer Summary Status" that contains 9 posible values from a dropdown list.


      Is posible charge two excel files, one from today´s information and second from yesterday´s information and compare what values Change? could be in a table box?


      The dropdown list contains a value "Customer Holds", i want to detect which register from the column "Customer Summary Status" in yesterday file had whatever value and today has "Customer Holds",   and  also detect which value yesterday had "Customer Holds" and today have another one.



      I hope can be clear my requierment, if no please feel free to make all the questions that can make it clear.


      Thanks my friends