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    Wesley Tam



      I am currently trying to create a table with the top 3 ranking domains as a dimension in my straight table.


      My tables currently look like this:

      Ranking Table

      Keyword ADomain A1
      Keyword A
      Domain B
      Keyword A
      Domain C
      Keyword A
      Domain D
      Keyword A
      Domain E
      Keyword BDomain B1
      Keyword BDomain D2
      Keyword BDomain A3


      Keyword Metric Table

      KeywordTrafficCost Per Click
      Keyword A50,000$45
      Keyword B30,000$7
      Keyword C15,000$18
      Keyword D18,000$12


      The desired output should be:

      KeywordTrafficCost Per Click#1 Ranking#2 Ranking#3 Ranking
      Keyword A50,000$45Domain ADomain BDomain C
      Keyword B30,000$7Domain BDomain DDomain A
      Keyword C15,000$18Domain CDomain BDomain E
      Keyword D18,000$12Domain DDomain EDomain A


      The #1,#2,& #3 ranking column refers back to the rank shown in the ranking table above. Is it possible to show this in a straight table using calculated dimensions?