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    To count active devices based on first update and last update

    Amrit Raj

      Hi all,


      I am getting data from 100 of devices and i want to show a line graph showing the count of active devices at week and month level, we have 'first data sent' and 'last data sent' as data points and we consider device to be active between this two data points. kindly guide me how to do it in qlikview, if there is processing needed i can use alteryx

      [Device id] [first data sent] [last data sent]

           1             05/01/2018      06/02/2018

           2             05/02/2018      06/01/2018

           3             05/03/2018      07/05/2018

           4            04/01/2018      07/09/2018

           5             03/01/2018      07/15/2018