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    Create Customer Billing Scenarios.

    Erualdo Santos

      Hello, I am a beginner in Qliv and I need to create Customer Billing scenarios to analyze their monthly performance.

      To arrive at the result of items 1, 2 and 3, I have to make an account of the current month about the average billing that will give me a%


      = IF (Current Month / Average Fat for> 1.3; "Increased Fat"; IF (Current Month / Fat Mean for> 0.7; "Fat Stable"; "Reduced Fat")))


      It's 4 should consider the current month without billing,

      It is 5 should consider current month, plus the last 2 months previous, without billing

      It is 6 should consider current month, plus the last 4 months previous, without billing

      It's 7 should consider current month, plus 1 month before, without billing


      Desired Scenes:

      1- Stable Billing,

      2- Increased Billing,

      3- Reduced Billing,

      4- No Billing, (current month without billing)

      5- Churn 90, (3 months without Billing)

      6- Churn> 90, (Over 3 months without Billing)

      7- Churn 60, (2 months unbilled)