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    Dynamic aggregation in a variable

    teresa garcia muñoz



      I'm created a master dimension (Customer Range) throught a measure.


      And I want to show the following expression:



           if(aggr(sum(Sales),Customer)*100>=0 AND aggr(sum(Sales),Customer)*100<0,






      Once the dimension is created, if I filter by 'Option1' (for example) the dashboard is filtered. Now, if I filter by other field (for example: customer type = pyme). I can see the data filtered by Customer Range = Opcion1 (i.e. Customers whose sales are less than zero) and Customer Type = PYME, but Customer Range dimension is recalculated and Customer Range dimension may not show only the 'Option1'.

      Once field value filtered, could I do something so that it's not recalculated?


      Is posible create a dynamic aggregation in a variable?


      Thank you very much in advance!


      Best Regards.