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    Is it possible to install Qlikview on another drive other than C?

      Hello everybody, I'm new to Qlikview and our company has it running. I'm gonna be responsible of administering the application that is using it for the reports. Because we have grow so much in the past year, we had to migrate to a new server, we have virtual servers and the administrator builds them out of a template that limits the C drive to 15 GB where we should only install the OS. The company that is providing us with the solution that uses Qlikview and is installing it, says its not possible to install Qlikview and all its component on another drive that is not C.


      Is that true? If not, is there a white papper, how to guide or any other kind of document that will guide us in this process?


      Best Regards,


      Pablo E. Perie K.

        • Is it possible to install Qlikview on another drive other than C?
          Erich Shiino

          Hi, Pablo.

          It's possible to install it in another driver. Eventually some system files will go to C:\ (like C:\ProgramData\QlikTech)

          but I believe that normally the largest files will be your applications, QVDs and maybe log files.

          And you can set the location of those via QlikView Enterprise Management Console without much effort.

          At the QV Server Reference Manual you can look for Root folder and Log folders


          Hope this helps,



          • Re: Is it possible to install Qlikview on another drive other than C?
            Stefan Wühl

            Hi Pablo,


            I intalled QlikView Server on D: (just setting the folder during setup dialog), this resulted in the vast majority of setup files (600 MB)  installed on D:\Program Files\QlikView and ca. 50 MB on c:\ProgramData\QlikTech.

            {just to add some numbers, might be different from your setting}


            Maybe some other files are installed to other locations, but I believe these are from minor size.


            So, I think it will be hard to force the installer to install none files to c:\, but as Erich said, it is possible to use different drive for the vast majority of the install files and the application log files.





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