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    Use of FieldValue('Field', ColumnNo()) in set expression

    Nicolai Jørgensen


      For a number of reasons, I don't want to let my pivot table object "handle" my second dimension as a horizontal dimension as one would normally do.

      Instead, I would like to have a number of identical expressions, with my exprea formular that with a set expression does a simple count, looking up a field:


      I can get this to work:
      =count({1<TYPE = P(), CATEGORY = {$(=FieldValue('CATEGORIES', 1 ))}>} DISTINCT ID)


      But not the dynamic one:

      =count({1<TYPE = P(), CATEGORY = {$(=FieldValue('CATEGORIES', ColumnNo() ))}>} DISTINCT ID)

      I suspect I am missing something with ColumnNo() and have tried enclosing with $(=) and alike, but have not succeeded.


      Any help with this one?