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    Delay in Qlik Objects loading in Web page under Multinode site

    rohit kumar

      Hi Techies,


      I have a qlik site which has two servers, one is central node and one is balancing node. Balancing node is added with all services except printing service.


      All content, javascript file, .css file is at central node.


      Node.js is running on Central node but not on balancing node.


      When I open the web page on central node, there seems to be a timing issue when the resources are returned from central node with delay. Delay means If i open web page on different Qlik site which has no balancing node, its load fine in one time  but with multi node it need two or three refresh of page then all objects loads. Initially it loads partially.

      My question is, delay in loading of objects in web page is due to balancing node or something else I am missing ?