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    Count and output / linediagram


      I hope you can help me. How can I count the actual records identified in a diagram and ouput in a line diagram ?

      For the current date selection "January" for example 64 records are displayed with the condition (Field Validation) is "invalid". See App !

      My goal is the following.


      I want to create a line diagram that at any moment, for example, in January, February and so on outputs the number of records for the month.

      For January, there are thus 64 data sets that are invalid,
      For February, there are 99 records that are invalid,
      For March, there are 95 records that are invalid and so on ...


      How can i realize that ?


      Thank you for the help

        • Re: Count and output / linediagram

          Hi again,


          i've found a solution and it's easier than I thought

          For the timeline, i have entered the corresponding month field. So dimension is only the month field.

          Looking for "invalids" has helped me this following formula.

          =Count(DISTINCT{<FIELDVALIDATION={'invalid'}>}[HEL_DATA_Flight ID])

          Thats it !








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