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    Section Access On Multiple Tables with different dataset using Same field

    Krishnan Govindan

      HI All,


      I am trying to  implement section access for different 'grains' of the same data set.to apply Section Access on a Qliksense app.


      I have Department Dimension table which has all the departments data Which has been joined with Sales and Orders table using DeptID key field.


      I would like to apply section access for

      User1 Need to have access to DeptID's - 1&2 from Sales table but only DeptID - 3 from Orders table.

      User2 Need to have access to All the DeptID from Sales table but only DeptID - 3,4,5 from Orders table.

      User3 Need to have access to All or some of the DeptID's from Sales table but No access to Orders table.The fields from Orders table shouldn't be visible for User3. If possible hide whichever sheets uses fields from Orders table.



      Can you please help me with the sample app  you were using to test this and inputs/advise on achieve this section access.