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    Forcing 0 Values into Line Chart

    Matthew Baldwin

      Hi All,


      I am struggling to get a line chart of mine to show zero values.


      I have tried un-ticking Suppress When Value is Null & Supress Zero Values but it still does not work.


      I have a master calendar to generate missing dates in my script and need to insert these values with a 0.


      The expression in the chart I have tried to do this with is below but this does not work;


      =if ( count({$<FreightPaid={'Paid in UK'},INSURED={'INSURED'}>}JOBCOUNTER) > 0 , (Count({$<FreightPaid={'Paid in UK'},INSURED={'INSURED'}>}JOBCOUNTER)), 0 ) 


      I have also been advised I can add one dummy zero record into the fact table for each month by using a calendar and concat it back to the original table but I do not know how to do this.


      I have attached an example QVW.

      For reference on selection of 2017 there was 1 job in Sep - I want the line chart to show 0 value for all the remaining months on one continuous line to get a better idea of the trend.


      Thanks in advance.