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    how to Maintain static total & sub total value in pivot table irrespective of the selection

    Shwetha A

      I have data like this and if i load this to pivot table

      Dim1,     Dim2,     Dim3,     Fact1,     Fact2

      A,               AA,     AAA ,     10,          20

      A,               AB,     AC,         6,           12

      A,               AB,     AD,         5,           12

      B,               BA,      BB,        2,           4



      if we select Dim1=A and Dim2=AB then total for Dim1,Fact1 should be 21. and Dim2, Fact1 total should be- 11

      Required Output:


      A total--2144
      AAB Total -1124

      Any idea how to achieve this static values for total and subtotal in pivot table? And it should display only selected dimensions. In this case it should show only A under Dim1, not B.