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    Customer case

      Hi All,

      Please read the business case below.

      I am talking to customer that want to publish data in a portal for Customers. It will be one single source document and from this source document for each customer a user document has to be created with the Publisher(so that will be roughy 2000 enduser QlikView documents). My question is: the limitation on 3 documents is that on source documents or user documents?  In my opinion it should be on source documents, since the user documents are all te same only with different data.


      Secondly the Ajax client has to be customized by using workbench. Does this also mean we cannot open the QlikView document with the URL as we would do it from the Accesspoint or is this functionality still possible!


      Hope somebody can enlighten me on the possibilities from the Extranet Server.


      With kind regards,

      Gert Jan Dollen.