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    Avg with Aggr

    Gerardo Borrego Anzures




      I have made this expression :


      Avg( Aggr( Today()- (Date(DateRegister)),  A, B, C, D ))


      In this expression try to bring the average days of sales made to date on all the time


      The problem is that if I select the year of 2011, I can not do that performs the calculation for those who have chosen the earlier date and need to seethe total of the year excluding sales


      The possibility exists that you can integrate some"Set Expression" to pass all previous years


      Something like this:


      "{$ <YearMov = {'*'}, MonthMov = {'*'}, Weeknum = {'*'},canceled= {'0'}>}"


      I just do not know where to place the "Set Expression"



      Duda QV.jpg





      Any Ideas