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    Problem with SET ANALYSIS and input field

      Hello all,


      I need help for a problem with the set analysis function. I have a table with customer number, a creation date of an invoice and a field with the value of the invoice.

      For the users I like to create a input box, where there can input a date. Then I like to have a sum of the invoices from the customer where the creation date is less or equal as the date in the input box.


      I have defined a variable in the document (FDatum) and create a input box for this variable. The database field called: OffenePostenHistorie.BELDATUM

      The invove value field called: OffenePostenHistorie.OBETRAG


      I have used the following set analysis function, but it doesn't work:


      sum({$<OffenePostenHistorie.BELDATUM <= {$(FDatum)}>} OffenePostenHistorie.OBETRAG)


      The format of the date in the table is YYYYMMDD and I put a date with the same format in the input box.


      Can anybody give me a hint whats wrong?


      Thanks in advance.