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    How do licences work with mash-ups ?

    Frédéric Villemin



      I would like to make a Qlik Sense Application for use as a mash-up in a website.

      I mean, I will load data in Qlik Sense and only show a few graphs from the Qlik Sense application in my website.


      My question is about licensing : i'm using Tokens and I would like to know how do the licences work with such a project.


      Many people will come anonymously on my website and will see the few graphs coming from Qlik Sense.

      Will they consume a login access for each reaload of the page ? or one licence for each connection from a specific browser for one hour ?


      If it is the case, I understand that it will be really expensive for me to handle 1000 connections per day on the home page and use Qlik Sense to show a number of incidents or calls as mash-ups ?  that would mean 100 tokens consumed per day


      I hope i'm wrong with the usage of licences in mash-ups, otherwise it's absolutely impossible to use them on a serious web site.