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    Qlik Sense encode URL

    Sebastian Vogel

      Dear Community,


      I´m using the URL function (table Chart) in Sense.

      The link I want to call contains special characters f.e. an %. When calling the link the % is converted to %25 or %26.

      For Example:

      http://www.goo%gle.de/ changed into http://www.goo%26gle.de/


      I want to prevent this.


      Is there anyone here who can help me?


      Best regards

        • Re: Qlik Sense encode URL
          Lukas Amann

          Hello Sebastian,


          i am facing the same problem, already made an entry in the community:


          Ive tested a lot of scenarios, so far what i can tell is, that with internet Explorer this doesnt happen. With chrome and Firefox it does.

          As a workaround, there is a table extension that support Hyperlinks, its called "Simple table", thats the only way i got it to work in Chrome.

          I also made an Open Case in the Qlik Support, as i think this should not happen, but it is still in investigation.