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    QV Integeration with ASPX

      Hi Friends,


      I Need your help.

      I want to integrate QV with ASPX.

      Now everyone can Accesspoint. We have built ASPX Login page.

      Now we will get username and password from ASPX and pass into Accesspoint with IE Plugin view.


      In QVW we have section access, so validation can be done.


      We are facing problem, while passing the username and password from ASPX page.


      Actually we modified opendoc.js, so that we can get the username and password by query string.

           * this works fine in machine which has QV installed, but it is not working in machine which doesn't have QV.

           * we are passing username and password and accessing Accesspoint by calling the URL. Is this correct approach? this opendoc.htm is creating qvp url.


      Hope you might also faced same problem. Please suggest me a solution.




        • QV Integeration with ASPX
          Deepak Vadithala

          Hi Srini,


          Have you got a solution for this issue? I need help on similar request.


          Thanks in advance.


          Cheers - DV

          • Re: QV Integeration with ASPX
            Matthew Green

            Hi Srini,


            I've built my own access points of sorts using ASP.


            Basics of the site are:

            • Home screen that displays all reports you have requested.
            • Profile page to request access to new reports.  Before reports become active for you, the site will email a chosen Approver, who must visit the site and give it the OK.
            • User Management page that gives admins an easy way to search for users and modify their access.
            • Report Management for admins.  Allows for new reports to be added.  Only info needed is the location of the report on the server (MyReports/Report1.qvw), and who the approvers are. Can also take reports offline from here


            Each report has section access that pulls information from the same tables the site uses for its user information, so as soon as a user gains access to a report, that information is available to the report.  Setting the reports to use a binary load, with just the section access in the front end and 15 minute updates allows for swift access to reports.


            The benefits of this are:

            • Users only see reports they have access to.
            • Users must seek approval to access a report.
            • New reports can be easily added to a large group of users.
            • There is no login needed, as users are authenticated using their windows identity.