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    How to create multiple qvd's

    sushil kumar

      Hi ALL,


      • We have two application one is dataloading.qvw and other is dashboard.qvw. The first application is used to create the qlikview data file i.e data.qvd file and second application used those qvd file as a data source to run the dashboards..


      • The  Problem is


        • The table from which data is loaded to data.qvd file is very large in size. so we are planning to create  separeate qvd file for each day, means for every day when the application run by schedular, it should create a separate qvd file for the previous day (with a time stamp). so that the dashboard.qvw application takes data from multiple qvd files.. How this task is possible??


        • The whole task should be automated..means by scheduling the task...


      Can Anybody please help to solve this puzzle....