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    Help with displaying current details

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i am creating an application to show current stock levels for all products in all of our retail stores.

      I am trying to show this information in a straight table. I have a couple of date fields which i need to use


      StoreDate (which is the date the record was created)

      LastSoldDate (which is the date the product was last sold)


      Data comes in every night from each store and is processed early hours each morning, which means that in the space of a week, there will be 7 records per product, all with a different StoreDate and most with a different LastSoldDate.


      When i try and create this chart, several lines appear per product (as it obviously shows any record processed for that product/store. I only want the chart to show the most CURRENT record.

      In the example below, there are 4 lines for the same product. The 4 records have 2 different StoreDates and each different StoreDate has 2 different LastSoldDates.

      I only want the chart to display the latest StoreDate with the latest LastSoldDate (The bottom line in this example)




      But i also need it to do something else. I need it to completely ignore any date selection (i have attached a QV doc, the dates selections are on the top row) but i want it to accept any other selection (from the left hand side.. customer, product etc)


      Can anyone help me with this please?