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    Load from ftp failes in QlikView Server but works in QlikView Desktop

    Jan Gunnars

      When I reload my document in QlikView Desktop on the QlikView Server Machine it works to load data from a .txt file from a ftp server. But when I reload the same document in QlikView Server on the same QlikView Server Machine it does not work to load data from the same .txt file from the same ftp server.


      Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?


      The error message in the log file is Error: Cannot open file




      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0310      table:
      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0311        LOAD 
      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0312            column1,
      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0356         column2,
      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0357         column3
      2011-07-07 10:47:01: 0358        FROM ftp://USER:pwd@server.domain.se/Folder/file.txt (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq)
      2011-07-07 11:17:01:           Error: Cannot open file 
      2011-07-07 11:17:01:           General Script Error
      2011-07-07 11:17:01:           Execution Failed