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    Server v9 SR4 display of Dual() Fields

    Chris Cammers

      I'm working at a client with v9 SR4 installed on the server and v9 SR6 on the desktop and I am seeing some weird behavior in regards to fields created using the Dual() function.


      On my desktop client I am seeing my dual() values displayed as "yes" or "no" but when I deploy these documents to the server the dual() field is showing as 1/0. So the list boxes seem to be ignoring the text representation and showing the numeric value instead.


      I have searched through the release notes for SP5 and SP6 and I have not found anything to indicate that this is a bug that was addressed in versions later than SP4 but I'm just hoping to confirm my suspicion that this is a bug that was addressed.


      On that note, how do I force the list box to use the text representation rather than the numeric value when displaying these fields, nothing is sticking out as an obvious work around.