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    Change colors in QLikSense bar chart to custom colors (1 dimension, 2 measurements)

    Mark Schuurman

      I tried to change the colors of a QLikSense bar-chart that has one dimension (WekenJaarWeek) and two measurements (=SaldoOHWNat, =SaldoOHWInt).


      My current graph when using the automatic generated colors is:


      I'd like to change the colors to the variables Kleur1 and Kleur2


      Kleur1 = RGB(183, 190,  85)

      Kleur2 = RGB(226, 230, 204)


      I already changed to custom colors > On expression and used the following expression:


      if(SaldoOHWNat, Kleur1,

      if(SaldoOHWInt, Kleur2))


      This results in the graph:


      I need that the lower bars gets the color of the RGB value of Kleur2.